The Creation of Adam by Michelangelo (c. 1512); modified by the author.

The belief in our distinctiveness is central to human self-understanding; however, time and again, what was seen as our distinguishing attribute has proven to be a mirage.

For millennia, humans have asserted themselves as superior to other living forms. From Mesopotamia to China, the mythologies of ancient civilizations traced humankind’s…

Illustration from Fencing (Pollock et al., 1890); modified by the author. Image retrieved from Wikimedia Commons.

Teaching Computers Creativity

It started in a pub. Ian Goodfellow and his fellow doctoral students at the University of Montreal met to celebrate the completion of the 2014 academic year. Their conversation focused on the frontier of AI research: synthetic data generation; specifically, approaches that would allow a computer to produce realistic-looking images…

Vladimir Bok

Author, GANs in Action @ManningBooks 📖 • CompSci @Harvard • Data/ML Product Manager •

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