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The main problem for anyone who wants to increase their capital: banks offer their clients too low interest on deposits — due to high expenses within the system, constant inflation, instability in the financial world, investment-too-high risk in the selection of the project, term deposits: many fraud firms. It is difficult to find guaranteed stable and high income on deposits. The universal HEX platform (with a market capitalization of $22 million) offers its customers high, guaranteed interest on long-term deposits, with flexible payment schedule, payment system: depending on the terms of deposit and the number of tokens in deposit, bonuses…

Recently on the Internet I found quite an interesting project-Enecuum, it is a new type of mobile mining, with minimal consumption of energy resources of your smartphone-at first I didn t believe, too many now different projects-one-day, but after all decided, for the sake of interest, to understand the subtleties and newances of the project. First of all, what I liked is the date of creation-summer 2018, good projects are not done in two or three months. Second: the team of the project is active professionals of their business, participation in many conferences on: IT, FIN-TECH, blockchain technology.In the third-good promotion in social networks (Medium, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Bitcointalk) More detailed information — on the official site of the platform: and support site: Well and finally at the project — also inspires strategic partners. Now about Enecuum. It is network mobile network with a blockchain, — the decentralized ecosystem consisting of three main algorithms of mining: Proof-of-Work (“PoW”), Proof-of-Activity (“PoA”) and Proof-of-Stake (“PoS”) .PoW and PoS algorithms while are inaccessible for miners — they are in a development stage, and here Proof-of-Activity (“PoA”) — gives the chance to each owner of the smartphone, tablet, laptop and other electronic devices — to get ENQ.PoA-это token process of confirmation in network of microblocks which PoS checks network. For more information, see the project technical documentation. Now we go directly to mining on a smartphone (android version 4.4 and higher) .I decided to test the app on my old phone. Downloaded the application from the Enecuum website, (Google play-restricted access to applications with mining) established: how in a normal crypto shelf open two keys-public and private (necessarily save, when the phone or computer is lost, it is possible to restore its account), if there is a stable network synchronization takes place in two-three minutes, the application started. Smartphone when working in Enecuum-generally network does not warm up! (as in Electreum) The interface of the application liked: everything is available simply and clear, there is a built-in translator in 13 languages, a map of the world-with the location of servers and connected miners (itself on the map found-cool!), the network blockchain-works, all transactions are available, found its public key in the network. Now to start producing ENQ-you need a minimum contribution-25 ENQ (approximately $0.75) -you can buy a token on cryptocurrency exchanges KUCOIN,CREX24 (I recommend KUCOIN prices is lower on purchase of a token, the minimum commission on the auction and a conclusion, high safety birzhy-personally for this purpose the most important, on CRYPTOPIA I lost the capital, though it is a little, but all equal offensively) and to transfer to META MASK or TRUST (a mobile purse), we convert the translated tokens from ERC 20 network into Enecuum-network on the website steps are in detail described. Well, here is the all-click button: start work and mining started, personally I experienced for three days coins come, in the application there is a yield calculator, a referral program, transactions inside the Enecuum network free, I installed the application on the second smartphone, slashed tokens — in a few seconds came, developers claim that the network supports up to 1000 transactions per second! Several smartphones can on one IP (home WI-FI:Checked). Because it is enough to buy tokens alone and spread inside the network-especially for free! I to the son, for the sake of interest, established-now he is satisfied, says that also money earns, and to the phone more carefully began to treat-also a kind of plus to the application. It is also easy to understand the reference program (the refer must have a minimum of 1000 ENQ on the account, works by barcode, at the start of the application, for the first time, it is necessary to scan the barcode of the refer, details can also be found on the support site), the amount of remuneration for mining-proportional to the number of your tokens on the account.

P.S. In principle, the application liked, thought out small details (at least take the same translation into other main languages of the world), the possibility of moving from the application to the main site, the support group in Telegram, the history of transactions and confirmations, free translations of tokens inside the network, to all social networks it is also possible to go directly from the application, almost all answers to questions on the site of support of the project-generally recommended, prospects at the startup.

Recently, On the internet I found a pretty interesting project-Enecuum, a new kind of mobile Meiningen with minimum consumption of energy for your smartphone, at first I did not believe too much is now different projects, one-day, but still decided to have fun, to understand the intricacies and nuances proekta.Vo first thing that I liked is the creation date-summer 2018, good projects do not in two or three mesyatsa.Vo Second: the project team -Really professionals, participated in many conferences on: iT, FIN- TECH, blokchey n tehnologiyam.V Third-good promotion of social networks (Medium, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Bitcointalk) more information- on the…

I am often interested in new projects in the crypto industry, now there are few promising projects, but here the project Roobee-me was interested. The purpose of the project-affordable microinvestment, with a low threshold (from 10 dollars), simplicity, transparency, detail of your investments (all information will be stored in a block). Roobee-Platform will help organize your investment portfolio, as well as link your payment cards to an individual account, through the application Roobee-you can invest directly from your phone, with minimal commisbe! Application Roobee! All calculations in the application will be made in the Roobee Wallet-multi-currency purse, with the possibility…


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