Vladimir Delic - Founder of Unibros Steel

Vladimir Delic
Oct 3, 2018 · 2 min read

Vladimir Delic - International Steel Business Entrepreneur and Founder of Unibros Steel Co. Ltd.

Vladimir Delic has over 40 years experience in international trade in the private and public sector. He specialized in commodity trading, in particular in bulk commodities and in energy resources.

In 1988 Mr. Delic founded Unibros Steel, a trading and shipping company with an extensive international network trading in steel, bulk commodities, and a variety of energy-related products, including oil and gas. From its earliest involvement with the CIS steel producers, the group has fully recognised the importance of understanding regional conditions and indigenous business practices.

By 1995 Vladimir Delic had developed Unibros into one of the largest international trading houses in metals out of the Commonwealth of Independent States — CIS region — with 37 offices worldwide and an annual turnover of half a billion dollars.

Following his phenomenal success Mr Delic has been invited by American politicians to give several speeches to the United States business community on the subject how to enter CIS emerging market to American large companies such as Motorola, Westinghouse, British American Tobacco, Babcock to mention just a few.

Due to his international experience and connections, Vladimir Delic was appointed as a special advisor to a number of Balkan countries to attract investment there. He represented several international companies including US Steel, Philip Morris, Otis, EnBV, Porr, and Novomatic in their investments and played an integral part in attracting investment for the development of the largest Marina in the Mediterranean area, Porto Montenegro.

Vladimir Delic is currently a member of the Board of several oil, steel and shipping companies with offices in Dubai, Hong Kong, Moscow, Singapore and Cyprus.

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Business Entrepreneur & Founder of Unibros Steel Co. Ltd. https://www.vladimirdelic.com/ For more info and contact, please see: https://www.vladimirdelic.in/

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