3 External Factors That Can Cost You Your Goal — Part 3

To achieve your great goals, you must prepare for the journey ahead. A good part of your success depends on your character traits. Can you stick to it when the going gets tough? Can you get yourself to take action, even when you don’t feel like it? etc.

However, in addition to your character traits, you must also pay attention to 3 external factors that can cost you your goal if you fail to prepare for them. In the first post of this series, I discussed the lack of support you may experience when pursuing a great goal. In my previous post, I explained how a lack of time can cause you to abort your goal before you reach it.

In this post, I share the third external factor that may cost you your goal.

Lack of Money

When I was a teenager, a group of entrepreneurs undertook to build one of my region’s biggest malls. With great excitement (and much hype and fanfare from the city), the entrepreneurs launch their ambitious project. In no time, the foundation was laid and the building started taking shape.

But halfway through the project, the crew ran out of money. They ended up abandoning the project. And for years, the “building” stayed half done, an ostentatious display of a goal that failed for lack of money.

If you decide to pursue a goal, but don’t have enough money to sustain your journey, you’ll be forced to quit. You need “financial fuel” to reach your destination. Without it, you stall on the side of the road, halfway between start and finish.

To achieve a goal (in particular a great goal), you usually need a bit of money. For example, if you set the goal of earning your bachelor degree, you’ll need money to pay for your tuition, your books, and other related expenses. If you don’t have enough money, you’ll be obliged to quit halfway through the program.

Don’t pursue a goal without first counting its cost and making provision for the journey. Of course, it doesn’t mean that, before you launch, you must already have amassed all the money you’ll need.

In fact, if you wait to save all the money before you start the journey towards your goal, you may never begin your journey. However, you at least need a plan outlining how you intend to cover your costs — even if the plan is only in your head.

Seriously consider the financial component of your goal. Too many people, launch head first, without counting the cost of their goal, and halfway, they realize they don’t have enough money to finish the building.

Before you start the pursuit of a goal, count its cost and plan accordingly. And remember, it always cost more than you think.