You Reap What You Repeat

If you want to know what you will reap in your field, you look at what you’re planting in it. If you’re planting apple seeds, you expect to reap apples, not mangoes.

If you want to know what you’re going to reap in your life, look at what you “sow” daily. What you repeat daily determines what you reap eventually.

Your Thoughts

What thoughts do you repeat daily? What do you think about most of the time? Do you spend your time thinking about your goals and projects? Is your mind focused on adding value to others and making a positive contribution to the world? Or are you consumed by negative thinking? Do spend most of your time complaining about the past and worrying about the future?

Or are you consumed by negative thinking? Do spend most of your time complaining about the past and worrying about the future?

If your general attitude is negative and you think that the universe is against you, that’s what you’ll see manifest in your life: negativity.

Why not think empowering thoughts? If you wish for positive results, you must cultivate positive thoughts.

Your Actions

What actions do you repeat daily? Are you working on your goals daily? Are your efforts placed on high-value activities?

Or are you wasting time on trivial activities, which don’t help you move your life forward? Do you let yourself get distracted by time-wasters, and thus, sacrificing important activities for trivial ones?

What is your daily diet? You already know this: your daily diet has a significant impact on your health. You can’t stuff yourself with junk food and expect to reap good health.

If you want great results, you can’t afford to indulge in time wasting activities. If you want great health, you can’t afford to stuff yourself with junk. Your actions must match your ambitions.

Be Intentional

If you look at what you repeat on a daily basis, you’ll have an idea of what you’re preparing to reap in your life. For one week, monitor your daily thoughts and actions, and you’ll have a good idea of what you’re cultivating in your life.

This can work in your favor, provided that you commit to being intentional about your daily activities. The thoughts and actions your repeat daily tell you the results you’ll get. If you fill your mind with positivity and move with purposeful actions, every day, you’ll reap great results.

You have full control of the seeds you plant and nurture. If you want to reap mangoes, don’t plant apple seeds. It’s that simple.

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