Forbidden Planet — Spring Pop Up

For this project I created a clickable prototype, which created an online experience that simulated a pop up shop for the client, Forbidden Planet.

The Problem:

With spring quickly approaching, a few local companies are looking to create a pop-up shop e-commerce store to capitalize on their customers evolving shopping patterns. They wish to create a spring themed store with 100 curated items that customers will love.

Costumer shopping in store.


I started my research with Contextual Analysis.. I conducted field research on Forbidden Planet’s merchandise. I took photos of 100 items with a team. I interviewed employees to find out what was popular at the store. I also explored Forbidden Planet’s website capabilities.

I went to other comic websites to complete a Competitive Analysis. I compared Forbidden Planet with Midtown Comics. In comparison to Forbidden Planet,Midtown Comics has an overwhelming amount of content.

The navigation function was unclear and Midtown Comics has too many options for users to choose from.

Forbidden Planet Home Page
Midtown Comic Home page.
Midtown Comic User Flow
Daria Persona

User Synthesis

I was given 3 personas to work from and I wanted to make sure that the site would work for all 3. I particularly focused on Daria as she represents users who are looking for a simple and easy way to shop. Users like her want the ability to share information and products quickly and easily. Users want to be able to be able to buy things efficiently and want things delivered quickly.

Open Boxing

Based on the knowledge gathered, I conducted a card sorting process. Six users completed the card sorting process. This method helped to narrow down the categories that would be featured on the global header of the site page. Based on the outcomes, I found that people prefer closed box group sorting over open box sorting.


The design process wasn’t hard. I drew out a low fidelity wireframe for the mobile app.

Due to the user’s preferences and priorities, the design features very few products per page. I realize that less is more, and since it’s a pop up shop it doesn’t need too many features. I also included a Paypal option with the apple pay feature to make the process of shopping online easier.

low fidelity wireframe
High fidelity wireframe


Based on the persona, I created a prototype that would best fit her needs.. I developed and added a rating system for the products. I feel that if people see others highly rating an item it will drive more users to buy products. This will also expose people to the pop up shop and generate traffic. I added a Paypal option at checkout because it makes the shopping experience faster and safer by preventing stolen information.

Next Steps

I plan to create a full layout of desktop and mobile versions of the website including, but not limited to, a one-touch buy and shipping option. This will dramatically cut down the buying process and encourage users to buy more products.