Then it should not promote itself as replacement for A1, which was huge among small indies for…
Dmitri Zaitsev

Absolutely agree with you, we can’t compare A1 with A2+.
But more than 2 years passed from the release of Angular 2. Many developers even don’t know how A1 looks/works. Especially, developers that come in the industry only now. 
Also, TypeScript is very similar to C#, so many developers with C# background went to frontend after the release of TypeScript.

It is one of the purposes of this article — to make a small review how A1 differs from A2, and how A1’s paradigm made a trend for modern frameworks(like mentioned in article “component-based” paradigm).

Personally, I don’t like A2 mostly because of TypeScript. I think this tendency to make language statically typed (Flow, TypeScript) is useful only in the nearest future with WebAssemly. Or in enterprise development when you have a really tangled business logic.