Vladimiro Di Vito

Reclaim Your true Well-being and health from all codependency and addictions.


Vladimiro Di Vito is from Rome — ITALY transplant in Seattle since 2001. Couch Volunteer creator, sower of seed, change maker, he is a 53 year old naturally gifted man and creator of this method based on his own personal journey full of serious struggles (mentally and physically) as an Italian immigrant in the last 15 years. Those experiences, including a strong Spirituality knowledge in the respect of all kind Religions taking years of studies, dedication and faith, but at the end took him to re-explore and heal his heart, soul and mind with lot dosage of courage, and his own perseverant personality also, put him in condition to became a real Survivor. He realized after all jorneys and life’s experiences recieved, that his duty in future was to try help others from struggles with humility and kind leader responsable personality. He started to develop his own new concept of re-education from habits and addictions using as keyword “Moderation” that is based in self-control and manage their own addictions from bad habits of any kind. Talking and checking each individual problems and determination that will be necessary to let go struggles and uncomfortable lifestyle of any kind and serious intention to re-built confidence and self esteem. Only at this point will the individual start to understand what he needs for prioritizing their own life as it should be in this society.

Vladimiro is Intented to give positive direction and priorities for a more stable life. And if they really want this positive life change to partially or totally control their own addictions and other mental issues. He will easily lead them to the understanding of new values and responsibility that maybe will become reality in the process, depending of course in the effort that each individual will be willing to put in. After this first step, we will work together for identify Organizations and Projects that can suit them, helping with his knowledge and personal connections that can put each individual in a condition to achieve more than one goal and then, build a better secure and normal responsible life through new schedule and priorities, positivity and spiritual life’s concept. Healthy effort, love, kindness, compassion, unjudgemental attitude, forgiveness with understanding that the process take baby steps, they will be able to achieve a more successful serene Life.

Vladimiro Di Vito 98146 Seattle,Wa

Contact : mirodivito@gmail.com

Love, kindness, compassion, no judgement and understanding is the key of serene Life.

Created and Written by Vladimiro Di Vito

Skills and Inclinations: Poet, Writer, Metaphysic, Human Rights activist, Fashion Artist Designer, Modern Theology, Buddhism and Spiritual Life, World Peace, Healing Processes through Creativity, Positive discipline, Universal Love Teaching .