vladimiro di vito

“Universal Love is an extraordinary journey of my life” by Vladimiro Di Vito

Universal Love is an extraordinary journey of my life full of up and down experiences where it is laid with passion to love and compassion for humanity; and it all happened in cyber world. Inside the tiny computer screen, I have been connected to many living souls from all over the world. Some I have met, some might forever remain mystery to me but each of them has painted different colors on my life chart. Because of the diversity, it has deeply influenced my spiritual path and life philosophy today. Most my emotions and thoughts are expressed in regular or irregular poetic tones according to my heartbeats in free style verses but for personal experience a Loneliness feeling coming with all this wonderful Global Love, and often hurt a lot my feeling but I still feel honored and proud doesnt matter that people dont understand my soul using my no perfect English as an accettable exscuse . Bless you all. NamasteAmen

By Vladimiro Di Vito

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