Dear People of Seattle, I need spend few words after 15years try to accomplish and be a good foreign with everybody i cross the pat in this City. What i receve back from mostly of the Community here? Just abuses, insults,humiliations and offensive actions escpecially for dont speak perfect english, abuses that a human being can take just bEcause i know the World, who i am and my Spirituality of Universal Love. But after all I believe in forgiveness,so I did save all my love for u Seattle I try to improve myself after all with hope faith and give positive reasons in what was and still occur to me from no reason.. I spend time ,effort for try to spend words every time I have possibility and all my knowledge about feelings for you Seattle people trying to make you understand what you guys don’t know nothing about me: the real genuine natural feelings from the soul , not from TV,books or built phony stereotype just for showing the most phony way to be compassionate kind loving with no real feeling inside whatsoever. I realize after all that this effort i put in this social media we are now dont pay back nothing for you guys unappreciated people but i receve satisfaction in all other parts of America and rest of the World. This great city look like a valley of misery thanks u all . I am Italian I am kind educate gentle loyal with lots of decency and super smart. Humility and absence of ego are my satisfaction of to be myself. I am sick and tired of this very cheap attitude phoniness liars cheaters scam that are insulting my intelligence periodically. Oh trust me ,I am not crazy actually the opposite at point that nobody here deserve my soul..noble talented Soul ..my culture ..my heart ..my comfort..my soul . Shame on the system here , Shame on the people all cold computers with no feeling or heart. Shame on u Seattle a progressive advanced city but just Copicat Btw just for information “ The Universe don’t speak English but speak Love” but I am sure is to difficult to understand what is not convenient isn’t ?, included my talk, but is only your laziness and very poor traveling skills also no patience for others. And yes they will be gramma error to judge on this article, So? Why u guys try to write in Italian or Latin ,I do because I am highly educated also love improve myself compare the day before included restart College at 53yrs and I became cosmopolitan man traveling all around the World learning how be a gentleman super open-minded and compassionate . Kiss Learn and Tell the FOUR AGREEMENT again because the new one that personally i wrote about ‘how became better Human Being’ I guess can be to much and i understand the limitation for mostly . Bless you all and that God save the Queen. NAMASTEAMEN.

PS. Apologize for all the amazing people from Seattle that don’t have nothing to do with this shame just wrote, but unfortunately no more than 25% totally in Seattle…..Kiss and Tell.

Written by Vladimiro Di Vito

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