How I’m Transitioning 2D designs like a business card into Augmented Reality.

Vladimir Potiyevskiy
May 6 · 6 min read

Like many things in my life, I learn best when I get my hands dirty.

My AR business Card hosted on Youtube


My Target Marker

I used the specific avatar on business card as the marker

2D Iterations

First iteration of my AR Card.
Second iteration of my AR Card
The third iteration of my AR Card

AR Iterations

First iteration of the AR Card exported

…I ran it by with another person and they had suggested that it felt kind of bare…

Second iteration of the AR Card exported
The Third Iteration expanded and exported
The work history interaction animation
The final iteration of the designs

I felt like I accomplished a lot with this project and I’m happy about it!



Glare & Camera issues

In-App browser or External browser

Would people actually want to see someone’s portfolio or LinkedIn on 100x300 format? Didn’t think so.

Does this have a future? kind of..

Thank You!

Vladimir Potiyevskiy

Written by

I’m a designer that is passionate about creating unforgettable experiences with a lasting positive impact. 🍕🍉🍺🎮

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