London Real Business Accelerator Course — It Gives You So Much More, Than Just Helping You with Your Business Idea

8 weeks ago my life was completely different. And I was a completely different person. But then I signed up for the London Real Business Accelerator Course. And it still fascinates me, how Brian Rose, the founder of London Real, got me on board.

I was familiar with London Real for a couple of years before that — I watched a couple of interviews on their YouTube channel. I liked the style, the topics, the diversity of the guest of London Real. The turning point was the second interview with MMA fighter Dan Hardy. To watch the full interview I had to go to London Real website, where I discovered, that there is so much more behind London Real banner, then just interviews. Long story short, I signed up to the London Real Academy and later for the London Real Business Accelerator Course.

But the most interesting part is not how I ended up on this course, but why. I had the idea of starting up my own business for a long time now. And it was not even because of money, but because I wanted to create something for other people, to do something bigger with my life. But I did not know how to start. There is a lot of books, videos, webpages, webinars that teach you how to start a business, but with all of them, that I came across, I had a feeling, that there is something missing or it is created just to get money from me, without really giving me something in return. And that is exactly, where London Real and Brian Rose felt different. First of all, they offer a complete course, with all the necessary steps to start your business. Secondly, you did not even need an idea to start the course, there are separate modules to help you understand, what your idea could be. Another important part was the accountability — and that was exactly what I needed as a person, who is sometimes my own worst enemy when it comes to complete things I started. So technically it felt like a complete package. But I still hesitated to “pull the trigger”, as Brian loves to say.

And that’s where Brian Rose himself comes into play. When I watched his videos about the course and about his journey as an entrepreneur, I felt, that he really means it, when he says, that he wants to give us value with the course. I also saw, that he is the real person, who has really walked this road from having no business to having successful and effective company now. Everything that he said about his time as a bank employee, his struggles with starting the business, his feelings throughout the process — everything resonated with me. Brian was real, authentic, honest, vulnerable person. And it got me hooked. And I thought… no, I felt, that I had to join the course.
To be honest, the price for the course did not feel cheap for me at that time. I even had to borrow the money to pay for it, but I decided, that I need to get on this course any way possible and worry about money later.

Fast forward to now, where I am close to finishing the course, and I can 100% honestly say, that London Real Business Accelerator delivered so much more, then I had expected.

It really gave me all the necessary tools to start my own business and succeed doing that. I basically have a step by step guide how to do it. I really love, that this course gives you a big picture, the whole process of creating a business, not just some parts of it. Brian and his team of coaches had a lot of personal examples to illustrate every module and every step of the process, which again served as a proof, that everything we are thought, really works.
So from the point of starting and creating the business this course is just perfect. But to be honest, this course gave me so much more, then just the knowledge about starting a business.

It really made me more aware of myself as a person, helped me understand who I am, what I want in life, even how I build relationships with my family and people around me. It made me face my fears, weaknesses, and flaws, which is not an easy thing to do. But London Real provided the safest and most supportive environment to do so. Brian, our coaches, all my teammates in this course were very supportive and helpful every step of the way. Some of them will be my friends for life! It is really amazing, how this experience brought so many people closer!

I am so thankful to Brian Rose, my teammates and all the coaches, for this experience! Special “thank you” goes to our coach Christina Castaneda, who is an amazing leader and person!

Ah yes, and what about the money? To be honest, there was not a moment during this course, when I thought, that this thing was created just to get the money from me. Completely opposite — I genuinely feel, that it was for giving me the value. And to be honest, if my present or any future business idea works, then the price of the course is really nothing comparing to what I can earn from that. But it is really up to me now. London Real has given me all the best tools to succeed, and now I just need to use them!

Now I am sure, that signing up for the London Real Business Accelerator course was the best investment in myself that I ever made. And I don’t regret it for a second! Now I am really looking forward to what this new future brings!

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with London Real in any way, other than having paid for and attended their Business Accelerator course. I am not being compensated or paid for this blog. This is my personal experience with this course.

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