Do meditate

I am writing with a day delay in my journal. No matter what you do you can’t be super productive. There will be days where your energy will be low and your mind will analyze and your pen or keyboard will stop typing.

Productivity is key to success. It means quality and quantity of time. Time spent with focus, totally absorbed at the moment. Expressing the best of you. How we achieve this,in most cases by my research is through meditation.

When you type meditation on youtube and google you can easily be lost, means there are a lot of videos and texts explaining. So if you are new and never been to India, you don’t know where to start. Just joking, when we say meditation people understand sitting in a position and closing your eyes. Some they think meditation is wasting of time. Their brain system is on blocking mode,so they don’t even try,their concern is what will other say. Another voice will start to laugh and say: have you reached another level? Are you having astral projection? So, they know something but instead of exploring they spent their time on joking others. Sad no?

When we say meditation what we mean by that?

Zeroing your brain, focus on a particular thing, in most cases it’s your breath. By reading only thing, can’t be materialized it’s your breath. And that’s how we make the connection, connection with the universe. We are part of this universe. We need to understand, that we are more than our body and brain. Our biggest limitation is our body and brain, at the same time our biggest possibility is our body and brain.

Personally I meditate daily, that’s my practice. You can do it in the morning or evening your choice. Focus on your breath, catch your thoughts and get back at the moment. Sit or lay what best works for you. Relax and enjoy 5 to 10 minutes.

If you are super active person, meditate by running. Concentrate on your breath, speed and path. Don’t compete just enjoy the run. Feel that energy accumulating in your body. Go for a walk in the forest, be one with the nature, observe the trees, flower, grass, water, insects, animals you name it.

Some people meditate in every moment of life. You will ask how? I can’t meditate at my workplace. Yes you can. Be totally focused at the moment, don’t let your thoughts drives you from past to future and reverse. Be there, compassionate listener, help others and work with joy and happiness. Relax in every situation, accepting no matter what comes on your way.

Get back in the present, that’s the moment when you don’t have any problems.

Before you judge, this is not for me. Why for the hack you practice for a week. Experiment and share the results.

Your levitation starts with your meditation.

Your thoughts on this. Thanks.

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