Emotional awakening

History of our world might be different from what we have been told or thought. It will become harder to hide the truth. Universal truth about energy. There will be growing sense of awareness across the planet that many things are not as they appeared to be for such a long time. New world is created from inside out instead from outside in. Awakening, awakening….

Can you imagine all this above is from a song released back in 2012.

How much we are awake?

Do we make a change in life and are we aware of it? Many questions can arise. Sometimes we make change temporary,sometimes permanent. We see things differently,we work daily to be better persons. And all of us are striving for pure love and happiness in life. This journey called life is meant to be filled with pleasure and abundance by our wishes.

From my perspective, I can say i am different person than last year. And i am still working on it. Some of my friends noticed. I can hear divided opinions: “He was in India, his brain was washed” you can hear “Fantastic, go for it”. You can give even advice, from your personal experience. Of course, with open minded people.

How to describe? I call inner change. You will start to see signs, sent from the universe. Listening radio song or reading some text can guide you in your next phase of life.

The time in India, I learned a lot, but I was still operating with a lot of stress. Mostly concerned to my career, money, position, status in the society. Materialism takes the stage at this phase of life. Not thinking to far more important things. Family, I was calling them daily, but still my mind functioning at egoistic mode.

I got back and I am spending a lot of time with my mother and my sister. That’s my family. Both me and my mother are in yoga. We practice separate, share and experiment. Reading books is also daily practice. We read sometimes same books and share how we see things. Different perspective, better vision.

My sister is following, start to believe in what we do. Small family I can’t say full of joy and happiness, but we are working on it.

The rush of being successful in the eyes of society is causing you stress and pain. There is time for everything in life. Career, success and as Mr. Don Vito asks: “Do you spend time with your family?”

SadhGuru: No matter how secure we are financially all can be gone one day.

Soon I will be moving on my career path. I understand now there are far more important things in life. How we can spent time with family? How we can upgrade filled with love and happiness? Express the gratitude of every single day given to us. It’s a blessing.

Today from my potential mentor I heard: Roles are changed. I can also learn from you.

Sounds fantastic, it made my day.

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