Love we should celebrate every day. When I say love I mean: love to every energy, people, animals, nature, plants and all other things created on this planet.

Today it’s a special day when we celebrate love. We don’t know what really is, we accepted as celebration from outside. So, people buy gifts and show much more attention than rest of the year.

Couple of questions here. We have 365 days in year right? Why we wait this specific day to show our love. Mostly we don’t know how to express love, we buy some materialistic thing. Which at the moment will be perfect and from next day all the same. Stuck in same habits called life by most people.

How long this love and joy will last? A week or more, or one day, who knows better than us?

We really need to work and try to understand what is really love. You are in marriage and still you don’t know what to buy for your wife. Asking others and not being sure what she wants. Crazy no?

If there is no love, no matter what you buy can’t replace what’s missing.

Today I heard some advice so before you act maybe you want to read this first:

  • We tend to forget easily no? We don’t know what we want? Or we think to know what we want and the other person it’s so distant from us. But we already made a move and we are in marriage. Situation when one person is giving love and other is not responding to it. Here is: individual you have the right to chose: to stay or to leave. Don’t be trapped ask the inner you, instead of your brain who will produce emotions and analyze things.

Example: Before you ask for divorce, try to reimagine your wedding together, invite all people who were present, same dress, same makeup, try to bring all details in your head. Who knows maybe you will fall in love again. It’s worth doing.

  • What is romance? Ingredient of love, something else. Romance is a stage it’s not true love. It’s just a phase that needs to evolve in a true love. And yes true love means years not months. To experience true love needs to pass 5–7 years. Same as for the plant to grow needs time.
  • Last point: Each of has the capacity to evoke love from others.