New Day

Patience is key,crucial factor in life. You do your best,give all of you and wait. In the meantime,you don’t stop,keep working on better version of you. Who knows, maybe you will jump more than ready into the new journey. New people,new job,new life will open new doors. Something beyond your imagination. Everything has sense,don’t push, accept them with open heart. Observe and build your state of success. Even when it’s not easy or the way you planned,try to be calm and smile more. Just another obstacle to face, more will follow,whole life is obstacle. So it really matters how you respond to this one. You learn and earn,or you feed your subconscious with bad memory. Don’t keep bad memory inside,sooner or later will appear on the surface. Release it and let it go,look on the positive side of life. Express the gratitude of being alive. Right,new day,new experience,feel the new taste of life. Doing things is better then trying or thinking. Be present no matter what you do,be aware,meditate through life. I was reading story,people meditate while running. Concentrating on your breath and your tempo will make you more present. Today i tried this,with a stimulative called Tiesto club life. Music was my partner,making me jump from happiness for no reason. Running and feeling fantastic,flying state. Looking at the stars,observing the trees and all pieces created by the universe. Nothing is more important than the present,distance and time are secondary. Cultivate your love and happiness from simple things in life.