Social media

Sunday morning,be lazy or take action. When i say action,i don’t mean your phone,tablet or pc. Immediately after waking up,we check our devices. What we missed during our sleep. Obsession,habit i don’t know how to explain it.

Is it said: Be different and be judged by the society. It depends where you live and what is the level of consciousness.

It’s all about presenting,expecting what others will say,their reaction matters more than our experience. Try to understand why we post pictures,when we are so happy and feeling good. Is it really like that? It’s just the moment and then we get back to reality. Reality which is not virtual,not so much happy as our faces are on social media pics.

We waste so much of energy on comments and likes. Facebook,Instagram, Snapchat must be happy. Yes they are happy,not us. Predicting and even suggesting what we can do, cause they know more than we do.

I think for sure, that’s not how we really are. It’s so sad how we misuse all this devices and social media sites. Think for a second, what you will remember more: Spending time in the present moment or spending time on social media.

Everyone of us is doing better on Facebook. So don’t even try to compare. Is it really like that? Everyone of has obstacles in his life. What it matters is how we respond to it. Making actions or keep scrolling for the rest of our lives.

Many creative ways of using social media are there. Do we know something about it. Promote your business,start a blog,make a youtube channel,read(it matters what you read, your input will influence your output),learn new skill,you sure know better than me what to do.

Don’t waste your time in : Who said what?Why he did or didn’t do this? It’s not your job to judge. We all make mistakes yes. Do we learn or keep repeating them? At the end of the day ask yourself: What 3 things i learned today? Is this kind of life and daily activities make me happy? Start to ask questions. We all have a lot of work ahead.