The mornings

Nothing can stop me I am all the way up. One of the affirmations i use first thing in the morning. And nothing can ruin this day, this is my day. I am thankful for the day, expressing gratitude. Me, my family and all other people who are awake today. By, so much repetition, i know first 3 hours it’s about productivity. Focus on the output, so I am writing this in the morning. I wash my face, trying to be present feel the water. Repeating things, in front of the mirror starting with I AM. One of my daily activities is sun gazing and drinking solar water. When i wake up, i always look for the sun. Sun means energy, happiness and love. After I do some meditation, Bob Proctor abundance meditation. Listen to my words nothing but my words. You are more relaxed and lighter. Remember if you can hold it in your head you can hold it in your hands. Your subconscious will look for patterns and make it possible. Forgot to mention recently started to write down my dreams. We know that, our brain keeps working while we sleep. If I don’t write i spent time on coding and learning. That’s how i start the day. Sometimes, i place food for the birds on my terrace. I still want to improve myself taking cold showers, learn some breathing technique, enjoy the cold weather, dance when i wake up, smile more and do my meditation and yoga practice earlier. I can say i am working on it and i don’t feel guilt.Everyone can give more. Step by step that’s how we do it.

How is your morning. Sharing is caring.