What have you learned today

Most people say : Thank god it’s Friday. What does this really means. Are we feeling so tired working 9–5 from Monday till Friday? Ask many people how was your day and you will get answers: work and home. Nothing is happening,and something appears out of the blue some event,we jump to share on social media. Let others see,how we are having fun. All pictures and videos on social media are purple-heaven but it’s far from reality.

We have all to agree in general,we are lazy. What i mean by laziness,we wait for command in order to accomplish something. You may say i go to work,i work hard,i have two jobs,and what else you say it. The reality is we obey someone else creation,passion,desire and wait for their instructions. And in some cases works fine. You are compensated with some money and you can afford some pleasures to you,family,girlfriend or some friend. We need to understand,material things are not making us happy.

Creativity that’s the right word. In order to accomplish something requires a lot of dedication,sacrifices and hard work. In my country and i bet in many country out there,since i say:we are lazy,we become creative in cheating. Right,ask politician and he will give you answer how to screw the system,make some money and make people happy. Win win for all at least temporary win for the people. What is worse,younger generation see this and they accept and even identify with them.They become role models. How sad? The girls don’t have time to wait. They can’t go with you in the process of struggle and patience in order to achieve something,they chose the easy way. Directly you are being identified by material things. That’s not you, that’s what you have. So if i have a car and money. They will far better remember my money balance and my car,instead of what kind of person i am.

Let me give you example with cheating. I am looking for a flat in Berlin on social media. I was referred to a person. All well planned scenario. Pictures were sent,email with huge description. I was happy, i found place. Couple hours later, i discovered it’s a scam. I just smiled,why people do this. It’s wasting time and energy. We can do far more creative things.

Be patient,believe and work hard to upgrade yourself from inside. Change the pattern of your thoughts,replace with another script. Surround with positive successful people,find a way to love and happiness in your life. What is most important,share with others. We found other planets,but don’t rush to look there. So much work we have to finish here.