Important Information To Find Out When Investing in a New Laser Cutter

Finding the right tools to work with is usually one of the biggest concerns a metal fabricator has. Working with outdated or low-quality tools will make it very difficult for a fabricator to have success in this line of work. For years, fabricators have been utilizing the power of laser cutters for a number of reasons.

These machines make cutting and altering small pieces of metal much easier on a fabricator. When investing in a new laser cutter, there are a number of things a professional will need to find out to make maintaining the new machine easier. Here are just some of the things that a metal fabricator will need to find out when investing in a new laser cutter.

What Brand of Tubes Are Factory Installed?

The first thing a metal fabricator needs to find out about a new laser cutter is what type of laser tubes it comes with. Usually, a professional will want to stay with the same brand of tubes to avoid any issues regarding functionality. In most cases, this type of information can be found in the owner’s manual of the machine in question.

When a business owner finds out what type of tubes they need, it is best to stock up on them to avoid excessive downtime when a tube needs to be replaced. The money invested in quality tubes will be well worth it in the long run.

Check the Power Rating of the Tubes

The next thing a fabricator should check in their new laser cutter is the power rating of the tubes. If a machine comes with a 150w laser tube, the last thing you want to do is lower the power rating. Putting a lower wattage tube in a laser cutter will usually lead to issues with functionality and the quality of the cuts the equipment makes.

If a fabricator is unsure of the power rating needed for their tubes, consulting with professionals is the best way to avoid problems. Experienced professionals familiar with laser cutters and tubes will have no problem providing a fabricator with this type of information.

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