Donaldtrump as a bug. (from Wikipedia 4th millennium)

Donaldtrump — is a name of the social virus and election bug infected America in early 2nd millennium. Donaldtrump expressed itself in radical populism, alternative facts and Wall Builders movement which among other projects started building symbolic wall over the Bering strait to separate the USA from Russia. This project was not finished due to refusal of Chukchi fishermen to pay for it.

Donaldtrump was characterised by pathological hate of democracy and liberalism, unrealistic expectations of the part of electorate, grotesquely unrealistic electoral promises and alternative facts phenomenon.

One of the typical expression of the political Donaldtrump was 2020 Indiana gubernatorial elections during which the candidate Alt Trite promised to provide a Nigerian prince/princess for every single Houger, building fish factory on the Moon and permitting gun training for pre-schoolers under adult supervision. Alt Trite won election with the decisive 90% margin.

Some of the severe cases of Donald trump were observed among farmers in the Southern States who developed ability of living in the alternative reality with alternative partners. The Alt-Food corporation developed “Alt Chicken” product which upon the FDA investigation discovered to be rats grinded with cages. Initial permission for selling the project was revoked.

Donaldtrump caused severe repercussions for the country which was recovering from it for the rest of the 21st century. People living in alternative reality started giving alternative witness in courts in blatant disrespect to the real law. Crime rate skyrocketed mostly due to small scams, petty theft and minor violations. Considering that the number of unreported cases was at least 10 times higher than official, every American became a victim or perpetrator of violations of the law on daily basis. Crowded prisons were unable to accommodate new inmates and the project of temporary deportation by senator McRight was also abandoned after all the governments resolutely rejected the idea of accepting the temporary US deportees.

Donaldtrump caused surge of popular resistance in many states which finally lead to disintegration of the Union. After four years of existence as 50 independent countries, states formed the Second Union as we know it, the country with political system preventing any possibility of Donaldtrump’s repetition.

The origins of Donaldtrump still causing debates in the academic community. According to popular theory it was developed by Guccifer 2.0 the Romanian prankster who didn’t speak any Romanian. Idea of the radical conspiracy theorist John Alexss about so called “historic Donald Trump” as an actual person is generally rejected by most of the scholars. Besides that, the number of documents from Wikipedia 4th millennium archive are indicating on the facr that historic Donald Trump is fake news.

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