How long are we supposed to wait?

Today’s article in New York Times added to the information we already have about Trump-Putin relations makes a question “How long are we supposed to wait?” very reasonable.
 The realistic possibility of Trump’s committing radical action like starting the war to distract attention from the investigation makes such question even more burning.

In the real world we live nothing is absolute and pretty much everything in our lives comes with a certain degree of purity and probability, so technically denial of the crime can last forever. Shoplifter caught by police may claim that all the witnesses of his theft are members of the gang conspired against her, the cameras didn’t record the movement of putting the item back to the shelf, the cashier didn’t print out a receipt and so on. The truth is that in theory everything shoplifter tells in such situation is technically possible, but when the probability such possibility becomes less than a chance of coin flipping on one side over thousand times in a raw, policeman just stops listening to a criminal.

Religious belief in the innocence of Trump based on the assumptions that neither Putin nor his numerous long-term friends and connections in Russia informed Trump that Russia is providing a practical support for him; that the famous Jr’s meeting in Trump tower with the Russian lawyer and FSB operative was about adoption, and all the initial lies about it were just innocent confusions; that several landings of Trump’s and Rybolovlev’s private airplanes at the same small airports were just pure coincidence; that Trumps firing Comey and constant pressure on lawmakers to end the investigation in not obstruction of justice but normal and many many many other things. But today’s New York Times article quoting emails and recent Trump’s tweets make believing in Trump’s innocence a religious conviction which will not be shuttered by any amount of arguments and facts.

On the other side, the number of proven lies and delusions produced by Trump on hourly basis leaves no reason to trust him. He even went that far to claim that Russia was actually against him contradicting the fact that the Russian parliament reacted to his win with a long standing ovation, the joyous celebration that exceeded in its ecstasy anything going on in Russia and everything I read in Russian social and conventional media.

Trump was making in the past and continues to make the most preposterous statement contradicting logic, common sense and the laws of nature, and there is no reason he will stop doing that no matter what. Even if every will see by their own eyes Trump signing agreement with Putin about changing election results and selling the US to Russia Trump will most passionately deny it as he will continue to deny any amount of evidence and witnesses documentation no matter what, and the only way to stop is just physically shut him up before he started Third World War and killed millions and millions of people to save his ass.

We already have enough information to conclude that probability of Trump’s not knowing what Russia is doing and not being involved is less than the odds of the coin flip on one side ten thousand times in a raw.

Putin would never start such operation impact of which turned to be very serious to him personally and to his country without asking Trump first. Even people like me, who hate Putin, do not call him moron. He is not a genius, but he has common sense, and he definitely should have foreseen that the outcome turned to be devastating. Yes, the current situation is weakening American and its international reputation, but it is much more detrimental for Russia and Putin himself. Today’s Russia is a very secretive society not letting outsider see what is going on inside the house, and it is not the standards introduced by Putin. It is the rules of the worlds of both Russian mafia and FSB. So nobody will share the feeling about Putin’s meddling in the other countries elections in English language and public space, but in the Russian social media and sometimes even in traditional media people put it straight: it is not the result Putin wanted. He lost. The real goal was reflected in posters appeared right after November 8, 2016, with bros Putin and Trump together are making the world great again. There is no chance Putin decided to undertake such operation without asking Trump first.

2) Celebrating the Trump’s “victory” many representatives of the Russian elite boasted about having the friendly relations with Trump for two-three decades. Among them was, for example, Agalarovs for whom Donald took part in the shooting of the clip for Agalarov Jr’s song just to show the friendliness. Some of those people shared of staying in touch with Donald. Is it possible that nobody told him that Russia is acting to support his candidacy?

3) For those who regularly looked at the Russian social media the evidence of the Russian meddling was clear. I saw it developing in the real-time and the US intel followed it. Is it possible that nobody in the inner circle ever heard about it from the experts or just people aware of what was going on? Plus obstruction of justice in cases of Comey and Mueller, plus constant changing of the narrative regarding Trump Jr’s meeting.

We have tons and tons of evidence, while according to Walter Shaub if we were living in the normal world as it was January 20th, 2017, not in the parallel reality built by Trump, everything needed for impeachment is contained in just one tweet posted below. Let’s go back to the normal world ASAP. We have no time. The clock of the Third World War is already ticking.

<blockquote class=”twitter-tweet” data-lang=”en”><p lang=”en” dir=”ltr”>…just couldn&#39;t resist commenting on Flynn. <br><br>Are you ADMITTING you knew Flynn had lied to the FBI when you asked Comey to back off Flynn??????????????????????????????????????????? <a href=”"></a></p>&mdash; Walter Shaub (@waltshaub) <a href=”">December 2, 2017</a></blockquote>
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