Here is the first story of me.

I’ve always wanted to answer one question about life — why do we sometimes feel embarrassed to speak with strangers and behave openly and frankly on public ? Maybe we have a strong sense of self-dignity which constraints us to behave as we want to or we just have a fear to talk to strangers or to a public .

Asking myself again and again I decided to take some (lots of) energizer pills and watch the result .

I ate a bunch of pills and when they started to work I went out.

The first impression was amazing, I thought that I could accomplish any task without any troubles . I wanted to do everything I could possibly imagine and I made new acquaintances easily without second thoughts. People whom I talked to told me that they found me very interesting for conversations and wanted to meet me again.

It was extraordinary and cool like a highlight in my grey boring weekdays and weekends . Now I use those acquaintances to maintain partly interesting life.

So the experiment has shown that being shy is not the way to follow and almost anyone can be open minded and easy to communicate . And the most important thing is that pills really can help but it’s better to do without them .

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