And this too shall pass

I hate driving, I hate being in cars. I’m not political, but I want to start a party called People Against People Driving (PAPD…catchy right?). Our one mission will be to fund automated vehicles and get humans out of the drivers seat. Make them as obsolete as elevator operators.

The biggest menace to society is a person behind the wheel. Humans are slow to react, terrible at anticipating things, easily distracted, sleep deprived and love to drink. In what world is it a good idea to give this terrifying ape the keys to a high speed, hard to control killing machine? One day we’ll look back at the dark days of human driving like we look at the Dark Ages today.

You can imagine my state of being when I was tasked with driving for 7 painful hours recently. Between traffic, tailgaters, and swerving trucks, it was hours of pure anxiety. Only one thought kept me going through that damnable process, the same thought I repeat every time I find myself in the back of a cab, or in any of life’s tense moments:

…and this too shall pass.

Whenever overwhelmed, exhausted, in pain or just down, I remember that whatever I’m experiencing is temporary. This too shall pass.

This reminds me of an old riddle. A king puts out a call for a ring that can make him happy when sad, and sad when happy. A wise servant answers the call with a simple inscription on the ring:

…and this too shall pass.

Originally published at vladdit.