Hey Darkness!

The city is unusually dark.

Your name is being whispered in the distance.

You step out of your brownstone building with a flashlight to chase away the shadows.

Herds of stray dogs, cats and pigs run down the road.

Shadows of demons are everywhere, and your only weapon against them is a flashlight.


It purges their souls and frees them from oblivion. It let’s them be human, to be children again.

As you run through the streets saving every lost spirit in your path, you keep hearing your name chanted in the ether. A distant echo of a voice. You’re curious about the caller, afraid of what you’ll find.

The converted souls follow you. A small group turns into a small army. An army of light, growing bolder with numbers. Then, out of the corner of your eye you see the source of the ghostly chant.

A sweet girl with pigtails and a pink dress.

Something is wrong. She shouldn’t be outside by herself. It’s too dark, too dangerous. As you approach to get a closer look, she disappears.

It’s unnerving.

Your army of light marches onward, your name floating through the sky like the dark clouds above. The voice is everywhere and nowhere.

Suddenly she appears before you. Yellow hair, and a look of hatred in her eyes. There is deep pain in her. She has to hate you, she can’t help it.

She moves closer. Your flashlight does nothing. The light doesn’t effect her.

That’s because she isn’t a creature of the darkness.


she loves you.

Originally published at vladdit.

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