Super Snacks — Doodling and Diet Coke

How to buy good Olive oil

Whenever shopping for Olive Oil — an anti-inflammatory staple of Paleo and Mediterranean diets — I try to get California Olive Oil in a dark glass bottle. As NPR writes about imported Olive Oil:

“…in some cases the oil is just too old. By the time imported olive oil reaches us, it has often been shipped from place to place and sometimes not stored well. Even if it’s not noticeably rancid, many of the heart-healthy compounds have degraded and fizzled.”

Is Diet Coke Making Your Allergies Worse?

If suffering from allergies, a surprising trigger of the hystemin insensitivity may be an imbalance in stomach gut bacteria. This could be the result of an unbalanced diet (low in fiber or probiotics like Sauer Kraut, Kimchi and other fermented foods), unhealthy foods (sweeteners like Aspertame…think diet Coke), or antibiotics (sometimes necessary, but always with unintended consequences, if not mitigated with probiotics).

So that diet coke sweetend with Aspertame may be an attacking army on your poor little gut bacteria.

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A study on memory found that people are more likely to retain information if they’re doodling, than simply listening. A theory being that the process of forcing yourself to focus takes more cognitive energy than achieving a similar result (or better) while unfocused, disconnecting unnecessary parts of the brain.

The full doodle study.

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