History tells us what may happen next with Brexit & Trump
Tobias Stone

  1. example partial / irrelevant :nuclear bomb can be achieved by both gathering or splitting the atom ( fusion / fission )
  2. Trump example clearly indicates your political direction ( Hillary/ Clinton couple -on the other hand already invaded several countries ex:Iraq, Libya , etc — with no clear or false justification .No need to explain here I suppose .This time they went too far on Syria.
  3. i ve already stopped watching western media for some years now. Please do the same . All propaganda on NATO countries as well ( same in Russia). You comment on what you are being fed by the western media. Need to hear both sides what they are saying ( can t find anyting on Russia’s side unless I watch Russia Today or youtube) . ( Valdai discussions / G20 meetings/ etc ) .Why ?!
  4. United States NEED the Syrian situation under their control — gas pipes and LOTS of US dollars involved; this gas better be in US dollars or America be f***ed ( just like in the Iraq war)
  5. 20 trillion US debt ( +150.000 usd /taxpayer )- that s a lot ! America needs a war ; and guickly ; otherwise they ll implode . And that s regardless of who wins the already “rigged”/”fake choice” elections …

…and i live in a NATO country

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