The Principles Of Life That Everyone Knows, But Only A Few Follow
Darius Foroux

I enjoyed reading your article. And have to admit, you have an interesting way of describing things. But lets go back to the theme. The most valuable principle for me is about living in present. It simple and its hard in the same way. Its hard to remember it, so I even had in ming while was reading that i have to make a tattoo of this haha

Living in present makes you feel confident. As well i enjoyed yhe principal make your own way. It comes to everyone’s life that he is just the actor who plays not his own role. People get sick of it, we see the success of othets, we are trying to imagine how we could be standing on this place. We see the gorgous man and then pretend that we look like him, while wearing the dirty jeans with flip flops. It just so fucking common to fade in city. And i would rather be poor but will be myself and happy.