When Distractions Become Your Routine
Joe Jacobi

The smallest steps are the Biggest ones!

What we do is what describes our today’s life. Personally, I do bother a lot during the day! Bother about relationships, obstacles, so if I currently might sum all the time spent on bothering up it will probably turn to 10+ hours. This is really sad cause the goals I want to achieve are alwayse left to the second place.

Choose it or lose it

No one choses to be not succesful, fat or depressed. All it comes when you simply have to plan. It is not complicated to find out and to write down the small steps for you and be responsible for your plan before yourself. You can choose or you will lose everything you want in life.

Thank you so much for your article. I did practice the Small Steps, and forget about its power. Your words were heard, thank you!