30 Days In Taiwan: Life Update For Those Who Did And Didn’t Lag Behind

It’s been more than month since my girlfriend and I packed our bags and took a flight first to Kuala Lumpur, and then to Taipei, Taiwan. From my Instagram it may actually seem like we’ve been on a cool vacation (which is true, it’s been amazing here) and I keep getting messages “Let’s meet up in Warsaw when you’re back!”. The truth is that I ain’t coming back to Europe anytime soon, so I both wanted to update the people in my network who’ve missed what I’ve been doing now, and to tell more details to those who know only some things.


Since August 2016 it’s been an amazing journey with Vectr. It’s a startup company founded by two North Americans and based in Taiwan, which’s raised $910k seed investment this year and aimed for more soon. I had a chance meeting CEO, Nick, when I were in Taiwan almost two years ago on a student exchange and we kept in touch.

I joined Vectr a month before their launch from beta, and it was my job securing a huge buzz in tech media and communities, as well as onboarding new users who were coming in thousands. Getting a special tech-visa and my working permit done in 10 days, it was a matter of only a month for us to get to Taiwan and fully relocate.


Currently I am very busy leading and spearheading the rapid user growth at Vectr, testing traction channels, growing ToFu (top-of-funnel) and doing a tremendous mix of things aimed at making Vectr the most known and loved free graphic design software on the market. It’s the most vibrant and ambitious project I’ve worked with so far. I got to know about graphic design, and not being a designer still managed to create in 3 days a free Udemy course which got 1500 signed up students during first 3 days on the marketplace.

Do reach out, would be glad to tell more about what Vectr is and why it’s going to be big.


Life here’s awesome. It just really is. And now that we are taking a Chinese class it’s newly intensive too. Waking up in the morning, going to a sports ground at 6 am and exercising alongside with Taiwanese grandmas having a fitness class, having a rice milk and a Taiwanese pancake for breakfast, then having 4 hours of dedicated Chinese lessons, and then working and meeting some friends in the evening.

Taipei is a great city to live. Surrounded by the mountains, it’s possible to go for a hike around the mountain, then take MRT and in 10 min be in the bar in front of Taipei 101 tower drinking with friends. Taiwanese people are awesome. Except for my great friends I’ve had here, I keep meeting talented and bright people doing very exciting things.

What’s Next

Lots of hard work, travelling around Asia, learning Chinese, hiking mountains and living a pretty awesome and happy life I can boast of. And that is a very short list of things I have in mind doing. Many more things I want to accomplish over the upcoming months and years, but each of them is a topic for a separate blog post written. This one was intended just to give a hint of what’s going on.

My main message — do reach out and let’s catch up! But we ain’t meeting up in Warsaw, no, I am not having a vacation now. I am doing plenty of awesome things in Taipei, and trust me — much more is to come.
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