5 reasons why YouTube is the key to your brand’s marketing success

With 400 hours of content uploaded every minute and 1 billion audience (85% of all teens and 72% of Millennials), YouTube is one of the largest and most effective marketing channels any brand could hugely benefit from. If companies do it right, and here are some tips how to.

1. YouTube builds community

Creating engaging high-quality content quickly builds up the community around the brand or product. It requires a dedicated YouTube strategy, which includes elements such as consistency, right targeting, authenticity and smart content plan. Consistent format and small elements of the videos increase fan loyalty and make people comfortable when they are coming back. Good ideas here are to make series of videos connected with each other, engaging the audience and creating a sense of expectation. Moreover, each brand should know who their target audience are, and target their content accordingly. For example GoPro knows that their users are adventurous curious adults, and collaborating with real people create content featuring moments that are appealing towards this audience. Like this video where fireman Cory Kalanick saves a kitten. One of the main keys to building up YouTube community however is authenticity. TV is dead, modern consumers want to see authentic brands and products, which make their lives better. No more masks or fake images, the users will find out at once and never come back to your channel. Once the community of viewers is formed, it’s important to nurture it and keep it active. Smart content plan featuring different types of content is crucial here.

2. YouTube drives sales

No matter what your brand is, a skillful video marketer would be able to unlock a way YouTube can drive sales for your company. Online shoes retailer Zappos, acquired in 2009 by Amazon, saw immediate increase of 6–30 % depending on the product when they introduced product-demos and reviews uploaded to their YouTube channel. Nowadays Zappos have the whole team constantly creating, uploading and updating their YouTube content. Such videos are embedded on Zappos product pages, easily searchable and effectively engage with customers. They create so-called “ownership” effect, when the person is able to see how the product would fit and look from the distance. The worst mistake here video marketers do on YouTube is uploading same commercials as for TV to their brands’ channels, hoping it will stimulate customers to buy their products. Those videos are not engaging and reach neither of the main goals of YouTube content: entertain, educate and inspire. Bring those three values to your viewers and they will repay you tenfold.

3. YouTube is measurable

Everything that happens on YouTube is measurable, analyzable and can offer amazing insights into your customers and viewers behavior. So can be measured the ROI (return on investment) of your company for video marketing. YouTube gives you insights of who your viewers are (demographics), how they watch your content (number of views, length) and most importantly how they interact with the videos. Badly created videos would have low audience interest retention, high quality content on the other hand would engage audience till the last second. Native YouTube analytics however are certainly not enough when it comes to managing and optimizing brand channels or multi-channel networks. Perfect and amazingly powerful solution is to use an advanced external YouTube analytics platform. Together with intuitive and informative dashboards, they offer additional functions like analyzing and benchmarking competitors channels, social media monitoring and produce detailed campaign reports. In the hands of a skilled and aware marketer such tools open the road for effective YouTube optimization and significantly increase YouTube-driven revenue.

4. Advertising on YouTube works

YouTube offers amazing marketer-appealing advertisement solutions. With skippable True-View In-Stream ads brands pay only when the user watches 30 seconds of the ad. In-Display ads videos are shown among related or promoted videos, and the advertiser pays when the user decides to watch it and clicks video thumbnail. YouTube advertising platform is integrated with AdWords and offers possibilities for remarketing and precise targeting techniques. For example, you can create a custom list of all people who watched your videos but not subscribed, and remind them about it with a call-to-action short video ad.

5. YouTube is the key to other social

YouTube videos are shareable, embeddable, and perform equally good across multiple platforms. The ability to share YouTube videos to Facebook, Twitter, or embed them into your blog posts create their real viral potential. It also makes them multifunctional and universal. Increase the sharing potential of your videos by including specific CTAs (calls-to-action) to share the video on Facebook like verbal or annotations.

YouTube is the key to success of any brand or company, if marketers manage to create the right content for the right people. And this is achieved by the right measurement and optimization of your channel.

Vlad Shvets is YouTube professional and Growth Hacker in YouTube Analytics company MUSE (www.yourmuse.io).