Новый продукт от Adobe

или как у дизайнера появится ещё одна супер способность

Дизайнеры тратят много усилий для созданий фотореалистичных изображений, используя сложные программы для 3D обработки.

2 ноября 2016 года Adobe представила новый продукт, который позволит проще дизайнеру готовить рабочий материал.

Project Felix

Fe позволяет за 10 минут собрать картинку с правильным освещением, глубиной резкости, текстурой и другими особенностями. При этом использовать качественные модели (сделаные самим или купленые) окружающей среды. Собрать картинку не боясь нарушить авторское право при вырезании кусков из изображений, найденых в поиске.

In this first early release, Project Felix brings you a focused workflow that lets you place 3D objects into any background image.

Примеры использования Project Felix, приведённые разработчиками:

  • Designer-targeted interface and focused workflows — everything we do is targeted for Designers. We offer optimized workflows and interactions balanced with familiar ways of doing things from Photoshop and/or Illustrator.
  • Auto-Lights — Automatically create lights from your image so that your object looks like it naturally belongs in the background. In a single-click we automatically generate an environment (Image Based Light) for you so there is no hassling with complexities that working with lights could bring.
  • Auto-Align to Image Horizon — Project Felix automatically detects the vanishing point or horizon in your image to save you the hassle of camera perspectives and alignment. Your object will scale and align realistically and proportionally with respect to the perspective of your image — in a single click!
  • Magic Wand — Selections as easy as using the Magic Wand from Photoshop — but 3D aware! We use machine learning to determine logical edges based on the shape, curves, symmetry and patterns.
  • Real-time Render Preview Window — Get the best possible ‘what you see is what you get experience’ while working with 3D using our real-time rendering preview. This gives you the best idea of how your design will look with respect to lighting, shadows and materials while you work so no need to wait for a final render.
  • State of the art photorealistic rendering — Built with proven solutions from the 3D modeling industry, Project Felix comes with the most powerful rendering engine to date, allowing you to preview your changes without making you wait for a final render to export.
  • Seamless workflow with Photoshop — Export to PSD layers and continue working in your favorite graphic imaging tool, Photoshop.
  • Adobe Stock assets — Integrated access to high-quality Adobe Stock assets including thousands of new 3D models, lights and materials — all optimized for Project Felix.
  • Adobe CC Libraries — With Adobe CreativeSync technology, users can pull assets from collaborated Creative Cloud Libraries like models, materials, lights and images — all directly in Project Felix.
  • Physically realistic (MDL) material editing — Get the look you want with our rich library of materials. Easily customize any of them to get the exact representation of your design. Project Felix will have everything you need to get started but you can always download more materials from Adobe Stock.