Hard Work Hurts Your Success, Working Hard Might Help
Niklas Goeke

Ten years ago, I would have said this was semantic. Hard Work (difficult) versus Hard Work (determined effort).

But like all languages, Western English is changing to reflect the new social norms. We are now seriously talking about Artificial Intelligence and Automation in a way beyond remote controlled robotics.

Hard Work (difficult) is being eliminated by Software. The phrase “Software is Eating the World” is point blank exactly what it means.

The very notion of Bitcoin and more importantly, the Block Chain, is absolutely turning “hard work” on its head. For example, Block Chain is about have the record of an event or transaction, instantly shared across the world by all participants, without the use of a central governing body. Imagine a contract where you fruit farmer exchanged $100K for 5 tonnes of good fruit. Blockchain would instantly calculate $90K for 4.5 tonnes because metrics on the 1/2 the container was able to equate the difference without the need for physically opening and counting the stock then getting accountants to reconcile the numbers (ie. Hard Work).

And that’s just at the cutting edge.

Smartphones are already turning over the notion of Hard Work (difficult) to the point that it’s stupid to consider or turn to MANUAL effort.

Yet, we still need to build things physically. We still need to raise children. We still need to read, run, climb. Do the things that Humans do otherwise, we are in danger of truly redefining ourselves before we’ve even begun to understand the consequences.

Determined Effort (Hard Work) is a variable we will never remove from any equation. The cutting edge of any technology still required hard work investment.

If anything, those who put in HW1 and HW2 are rewarded in society by those who don’t want to do either.

And that’s the real lesson of hard work.

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