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Mooponto ::: Concept

Translation is the correlation of the realms of reality. 
As a species we are, inevitably, driven by a number of forces, some of which
have their roots in our environment, whereas others in us ourselves. One
such force that is, predominantly, rooted in our environment is the force of
coupling. For, as Chalmers aptly put it, when parts of the environment are
coupled to the brain in the right way, they become parts of the mind.
Translating this further to the realm of the social, we arrive at the following
- when one person is coupled to another in the right way, it also becomes a
part of another person’s mind. 
The two key notions here are that of coupling and translation, where the
latter becomes a conduit of the sort for the former. Understood in this way,
translation can be taken as the correlation of the realms of reality. The 
realm of nature, on the one hand, and the realm of the anthropocentric, on 
the other. However, in order for the translation not to turn into just another
way of merely coping with our environment, but, instead, into our way of
coupling with it, we need a communicative medium. A medium that would
be sensitive enough to the beat of the environment at large. That is to say,
a medium that would be, in terms of dynamics and morphism, prolific
enough to capture the rudimentary fluidity and the richness of this very
environment, in as uncomplicated manner as possible. A system of symbols
both in touch with the realm of nature and the realm of us. In other words,
a system of natural symbols. A system of natural words. 
One such system, a perfect image of all the aforesaid, is the Japanese. One
such word, a perfect embodiment of this image, the word mooponto (きポン
What is invoked is a subtle interplay of earthy and art(h)y, where each 
symbolic primitive |き| (tree/wood/timber), |ポン| (book/true/real), |ト|
(drawing/tower/metropolis) is elemental in the construction of the one to 
follow. Such an interplay gives rise to a unified frequency of resonance
which, in turn, gives rise to a symbolic unit resonating with the ethos of 
nature that nurtures the mind and of simple, unobtrusive, delicate beauty 
with which the form speaks. 
mooponto |きポント| 
A tree,
A wood,
A book, 
A drawing,
A tower, 
A metropolis, 
A elemental correlation of the realms of reality!

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