After successfully launching the AMB-NET main-net publicly, we would like to provide our community members further details on how to transfer native Amber (AMB) tokens using MetaMask! This overview comes as Atlas Masternodes and Hermes Masternodes are undergoing final testing for public release, alongside a number of Demo Applications!


Open Food Data Hackdays invite engineers, designers, agricultural/nutrition experts, entrepreneurs, and students to jointly develop new solutions for a transparent, efficient, and innovative food industry based on open food data. Ambrosus is proud to sponsor the upcoming Open Food Data Hackdays, Jan. 27/28 in Lausanne.

The Challenge:

It’s important to…

Vlad Trifa

Chief Product Officer @Ambrosus // founder @webofthings // Ex-MIT, SAP, ETH Zurich. Mainly into Web-connected products

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