The dark side of planning

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I am a very boring guy. I plan everything, work, rest, relations, fun… It helps me to put my thoughts together and somehow to organize the chaos that happens.

But today, planning played against me.

At the moment I am writing this it is the last day of the summer. And just an hour ago, I was planning what I want to do and accomplish this Autumn.

As usually have a pretty clear idea of what do I want to accomplish.

I got stuck.

I had no idea what I gotta do to get there. There wasn’t a clear path

The lesson I learned from my first hire.

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You may be wondering why people sometimes don’t meet your expectations.

It can be an employee not completing the task or a freelancer breaking deadlines.

Here is the lesson I learned from my first hire.

Last week I experience a very unpleasant situation. For some reason, guy with whom I work wasn’t getting the job done the way I wanted it to be.

Because of this, I had to stay late nights, finishing up his work to meet my clients’ deadlines.

This state of thing drove me crazy. I was so angry that I was ready to write hatred directly…

It doesn’t matter how much you learn

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I’ve never read any book twice until recently.

Always in a rush for the “new” ideas and information.

I was binge-listening to podcasts, reading books, articles…

It feels good because you feel smart.

But what I recently got is that it doesn’t matter how many new ideas you learn. But what sticks with you and how you implement your learnings.

It looks obvious, but for some reason, I overlooked this.

Taking action is what makes the difference. …

Asking is only half of the game. How to make it count?

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The feedback is the most valuable thing you can get on the road to creating something meaningful.

Getting real-world feedback is taught by itself. But it is only half of the problem.

Listening to it is also a challenge.

I regularly preach in my content that getting feedback from the real world is a critical part of building a product.

Last week I put my money where my mouse is.

I asked several friends of mine to give their opinion on the PDF guide I am working on. …

How to make writing easier

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Writing is a crucial skill for building a business and growing your personal brand. But the process of becoming a better writer is a thorny path. So I want to share with you what I did to become a better writer.

Yet two years ago, I barely could read in English, and only five months ago, I published my first article on Medium. For now, several posts are part of significant Medium’s publications with over 600k.

Even thou I am a beginner in writing, I can see how my articles got better. …

Growing an audience from a total beginner’s perspective

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I recently passed the line of 100 followers on Twitter. I hadn’t any web presence and expirience in building an audience before. I want to show what it looks like growing a following in eys of a beginner. Here’s the ride, all the way from ZERO followers to 100 and beyond.

Why I decided to build an audience

First of all, I considered building an audience as a great way to differentiate myself from the competition. I am a Freelance Software Engineer, and I often had struggled to find clients. I thought this is going to help me with it.

I noticed that guys how built engaged…

The story about changing my beliefs on entrepreneurship.

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For the last nine months, I am a full-time freelancer on Upwork. I work as a Software Engineer and Web App Developer. I love freelancing, but I was missing something. I was always striving to build a business, but for the last several months, I could not see a clear way how to do it.

I was missing something important. And it is was a mindset that differs a freelancer and entrepreneur. Recently I got a massive shift in perspective about entrepreneurship, which brought much clarity to grow business.

I want to share with you my journey in freelancing and…

How I get from App Idea to Price and Time Estimate

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When you have an idea of your App or SaaS project, you can feel uncertain about what to do next. Recognizing how much time and money it will take to develop it can help you feel more confident. It is critical to understand what resources required to create an app to determine whether it worth pursuing or not.

Recently I worked with one of my clients, and I helped him to estimate the duration and cost of his project. I want to share with you what steps I took to assess a project. …

My experience: From initial hesitation, to building a Marketplace app with TypeScript

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Several months ago, I was doubtful about learning TypeScript. It seemed to be unnecessarily complicated for use with React and Node.js. I thought it would slow down my coding. But for some reason, Top Tech Companies still requires experience in TypeScript.

Then I learned it and ended up developing my first Market Place Web app with React, Node.js, and TypeScript.

You, as a developer, can be wondering whether TypeScript worth your time and effort. I certainly was. I want to share my experience in learning and using TypeScript to help you make your own decision.

Why I hesitated learning TypeScript

If you don’t know whether…

Vova Pilipchatin

Web App developer, who learns how to launch successful SaaS projects and builds a freelance business. I share learned lessons in my blog

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