How we built the craziest app

Our little dog will tell you the story behind Happy Puppy — the funniest dog name generator.

Hi there! I’m Fart, woof!

Can you imagine me having any other name? Me and all my hairy friends just love it! Let me tell you the story of Happy Puppy.

Let me introduce my owners

Jaromir is a graphic designer currently working in Bubble, a digital agency based in Prague. He had the Happy Puppy app idea in his head for a pretty long time. Then he showed it to a cool guy who transformed his idea into reality.

And that guy is Vlastimil. A freelance front-end web and iOS developer. Last month he moved back to Prague from London to helping startups mostly from San Francisco & London like a remote worker. He is focused on design and beautiful UI.

He told Jaromir: “That’s awesome! Let’s do it! I love the idea. It will be so cool, you will make magic with your wonderful design and I will practice my iOS and React skills.

How they could be even thinking about something like this

As I mentioned, Jaromir had Happy Puppy in his head for quite some time before they decided to work on it. He realized that a lot of his friends have dogs with beautiful on point names and he was worried that he will end up with a stupid and embarrassing name for his puppy.

He started searching for inspiration but he only found endless boring lists of names that were far from what he imagined. No cool name in sight.

Jaromir was puzzled. How can these lists be of any use to people? He was convinced that there has to be a better way to find the right name. His inner dialogue looked like this: “I want an app that would show random options. Where I could click and see a name. Do I like the name? Save it. Do I not like it? Let me click again and view another name.” He was happy with the concept. So he designed it in his free time. Just like that. With some hope that it could be used in the future (he probably just wanted some likes on Dribbble and Behance, but don’t tell him I told you that!).

One day, he was talking to Vlastimil and they discovered that they both love small weekend projects that are made for fun and practice. They agreed that they will collaborate on something interesting. Then Jaromir said the legendary sentence: “Hey dude! I have this idea, what do you think? Do you want to do it?” Vlastimil instantly fell in love with it and they started working on it immediately.

The app

The app itself is extremely simple, just as they intended from the very beginning. The main screen shows a big name, it includes buttons to refresh the name and options to share or save the name to a personalized list.

But that’s not all. There is also a filter that can help you choose the right name. You can select the first letter, the popularity of the name or if it’s intended for a girl or a boy.

Talking about popularity, there are three categories you can choose from — popular, normal and crazy. The Normal and Popular list include names that are quite conservative, they won’t rock your world. But the Crazy one will make you bark with joy. Jaromír and Vlastimil came up with a number of great options like Kayne, Ebola, Donut, and Gaylord to name a few.

You can also create your own list. If you see a name that you like, just tap on the heart icon and save it. You can also share the list with your friends and ask them to help you choose.

It’s also pretty cool from the technical side. Vlastimil used Apple’s favorited Swift language with a Spring library for animations. It’s a simple app, but very detailed and user friendly. You can enjoy Happy Puppy on almost every iOS device in both layouts. From the many collaborations with Jaromír, this is the first one developed for iOS. Isn’t that cool? That deserves a nice pat on the back. Woof!

Happy Puppy is also available on the web! And as a pure ReactJS application. Vlastimil didn’t have much experience with Javascript applications from the programmer side, but he improved so much that the final animations and interactions are totally worth it.

Try the Happy Puppy app through the App Store or on

If there is anything you would like to share, send an email to Jaromir and Vlastimil are looking forward to your thoughts and suggestions. And they can’t wait to see which names you have chosen for your puppies!

They also want to shout out a big thank you to Gina Shannon and Veronika Fuleova who helped out with the copywriting on this project.

Happy Puppy has been featured on ProductHunt, thanks for all your upvotes!

Woof, Woof!

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