The X-Files and the Science of Alien Conspiracy
Martin Rezny

My feelings were just the same during the first episode… However your article probably had just the opposite influence on me. I came to remember, that although the conspiracy shift is unexpectedly quick (probably because the 10th series only has 6 episodes) it actually makes some sense in context of the X-Files history. It was always really uncertain what is a real and what is just misleading and what actually is not part of the conspiracy. On one hand we had clear views of greymen or something that dubious and frankly stupid as supersoldiers, but on the other hand there were episodes like Closure, where Samantha’s storyline ends and Mulder finds out that it was by the hand of men. Not exactly by a conspiracy suggested in S10E01, but the hand of men anyway. What troubles me probably more than this shortcut conspiracy shift is probably the return of the smoker, who was pretty much dead as well as the return of the Lone Gunmen, who appeared on some promo shots and may appear in the 10th season, but who were also pretty much dead in the past. Anyway — I haven’t seen E02 yet and I’m pretty sure, that S10 will be a great success and enjoyment at least for fans ;-)

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