How to code HTML emails like a pro

Email marketing was always important for business, but unfortunately it was always problematic when it comes to coding. We can’t use benefits of modern technology simply because email clients are lagging behind with their features, especially desktop clients.

Because of this problem, we must code those emails like it’s still a dawn of Internet, like it’s 2001.

These are the rules front-end developer must follow in order for email to look good across most email clients and online services.

  • All styles in HTML must be in-lined
  • All images must use absolute paths and must be hosted on live server, since images sent as attachments may not be showed in some clients
  • Encoded images may not be shown in some clients
  • Animated GIF may not work in some email clients, but because they have great impact on email marketing — use them with care
  • All images must have ALT attributes. If images cannot be loaded, because user is offline, ALT will tell them what is on those images
  • Use old-school table design for outlining your email design. As I said — back to 2001. If you want to be good web designer / front-end developer, you must know this technique as well.

When I remembered how tedious was to code sites in this manner and that I have to do it again for emails, I thought of a better solution — let computer do it’s job for me.

This is the reason why I have created “Nexus Emails”. If you are a front-end developer, check it out. This program will do all of the tedious CSS in-lining for you and you will get HTML ready to be used as email.

Unfortunately, you will still have to do all of the table design by yourself. ;)

If you have liked this program, tell me about it in comments.