We fired our top talent. Best decision we ever made.
Jonathan Solórzano-Hamilton

To be honest, this is not something you should be bragging about in public, since your company and poor project management helped to create this Rick. Do you want to know why?

First of all, if he was working 12h per day, 7 days in a week, this means that project manager was pretty much terrible at his job and without technical expertise. If he can create such short deadlines that force developers to work overtime, then he is clueless about his job. I am certain that this has resulted in Rick’s overload that helped him to spiral down into that bad state of mind. That my friend is called stress and symptoms are clear as day.

If your company allows employees to work so much constantly, that should raise red flags to all future developers that are thinking about working at your company. No one wants to be married to a company.

Second red flag is that you came here to brag about it. Maybe it was his fault, maybe it wasn’t, but when you speak about your former employees in this manner, that shows that you are a kind of person that never protects his own team. That doesn’t inspire confidence and faith in your leadership, especially because from now on everyone will think that you are a kind of man that drags everyone’s mistakes into public to protect his own ass.

Rick’s problem is that he didn’t learn to say “NO” to project managers bad plans and that he didn’t ask for additional help from others. His second problem is that he hasn’t maintained documentation about his code and in doing so he prevented anyone to help him and maybe accidentally made himself hard to replace. Developers usually skip documentation if task deadlines are extremely short. This is also huge minus for your project manager because he hadn’t requested that explicitly.

Lastly — each and every developer will tell you that previous developer wrote garbage code if there is no documentation present. That is common behavior in this world and not an argument against Rick.

Sorry, but all of this smells of amateurism from all included sides.

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