Desk lamp for direct lighting in the workplace

Desk lamps are indispensable in your workplace. Whether the study, a special office or a desk in the corner of the living room, with a desk, you are assured that you can go on to work productively in a comfortable way. The basic lighting in the workplace exists in most cases from a lamp or ceiling lamp that ensures that illuminates the entire room. The disadvantage of these lights is that you often sit in your own light and the light does not shine on the desk. To read long texts, you unnoticed your eyes more effort which can lead to headaches. This is all very easy to avoid with a stylish desk lamp on the desk!

Online lamp has included various desk lamps in the range that will ensure that the workplace is illuminated on the correct and appropriate manner. The most practical at a desk is that it can be set as desired. So you can let it shine the light exactly where you need the lighting without the lamp shining example annoying in your eyes. An example of a desk that is incredibly flexible, the desk lamp Bubble. The base of this lamp can almost all sides bend, causing the beam can appear in any direction. The lamp comes in white, which makes for a modern look on the desk. This lamp comes with light and has a height of about 27 inches

The desk Bubble is part of the complete lighting series Bubble. This means that the desk lamp can be combined with one of the other lights of this series with the same design. So you can choose for example the small wall lamp Bubble or for general lighting in this series, as the ceiling light or the Bubble Lamp Bubble carried out entirely in chrome. Order the bulbs for your workplace simple online through our website and take advantage both in Belgium and in the Netherlands from our free delivery on all lamps

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