On Charles Murray, Science, and Conservatism
Avi Woolf

Let’s be clear about one thing. The problem that you outline has always been a problem on the right and not just in the “fever swamps” of right wing opinion. Unless you want to count the likes of Andrew Sullivan as being part of some sort of fringe faction. That doesn’t hold up to the authority that Sullivan, Murray and their supporters have been given on the right for decades.

Please stop with the revisionism. There was nothing “uneasy” about how the right fell in love with Murray’s ideas. For things to be “uneasy” there would have to be some sort of real, sustained and public opposition against racial determinism on the right. That opposition has never existed.

I’m old enough to remember Sullivan’s original exploration and defense of Murray’s nonsense in the New Republic. I remember that no one on the right stood against the crap he was selling. The right was all for it because racism and xenophobia have been at the core of the conservative movement for the last half century.

The right will never be able to gain credibility with minorities until there is honesty about the complicity of the movement in building an environment where opposing such hateful rhetoric is nearly impossible.

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