Making an Android app from A to Z

Today, I am happy to introduce Hotspot ME to the Play Store. Hotspot ME is an app to locate, store and find one’s saved Wifi hotspots. The app features a nice app, as well as a list of all hotspots.

Hotspot ME — Play Store banner

Designing the app — thinking about UI/UX

Designing was less the objective but is crucial to have a functional and intuitive app for the users. On the bottom, one can see the first mock-ups and an early icon design. In the end, this design didn’t change much as it was well suited for the expected Hotspot ME UX.

Only the icon changed as well as colours which were not yet defined at the beginning. The choice of a vivid blue and its complementary orange is as far I am concerned well adapted to this app’s atmosphere/context.

Early mock-ups

Developing Hotspot ME — using several services

As said, I wanted to build an app from A to Z using all the technology needed, e.g. also crash reporting etc… I have implemented and used the following interesting services or tools:
+ SQLite
+ Google Maps API
+ AdView
+ Firebase
+ ProGuard
+ Jobscheduler (new Broadcastreceiver)
+ Geolocation and location name resolving

And of course in the end, taking a Play Developer Account, signing the app and going through the publishing process.


Play Store screenshots

One thing left to do:

Please download the app from Google Play Store and give it ***** !