A peek into the ‘mind map’ of Front End Web Development

As I dive into the world of web development I know that I need to choose a side to put my focus on. Of course it is important to understand how both sides work but I’d be spreading myself too thin to try to go right into full stack development. As of now, I’m leaning towards specializing in Front End over Back End Web development because I would enjoy working on creative design, functionality, and the interactive experience users and clients get to have on a daily basis.

This graphic is from Indeed in 2015 for mean salaries in this field. Back-End Developers do get paid better so that could sway me. I’m sure I’ll have a better feel on what side I am more passionate in after this coding boot camp at General Assembly.

Will Stern, from LearnCode.academy, has a great intuitive video that discusses the skills that are needed in whatever path you decide to choose. They are not all required but as you comprehend more languages, you can demand a better salary with your extensive knowledge. Below is a snippet of the ‘mind map’ for Front End Development.

My initial thoughts on areas I should immediately work on the dynamic intricacies of Javascript, bootstrap which is essential for responsive design, and Javascript frameworks like angular.js and React.js. I thought this video was interesting in seeing the big picture of how much there is to learn and what direction you can head towards.

Here is the link to the crazy web development mind map that he has in his video showing many of the languages, frameworks, and important tools in his opinion.