A Love Verse

A simple poem.

$ ~.

From a post by Maryam Abdul-Kareem

There are just too many things that cross my mind
My hands are tied, no words I can find
I think of something that could make up a rhyme
Never mind, I need some more time
I act all knowing and I know I act tough 
I am just so scared it will not be enough
I can’t express what I feel and what I feel is too much
When beneath my chest lies something you can touch
And there is something else, maybe even worse
Mistakes can’t be made when you write a love verse
I want my next lines to be the best you’ll read next
Because a text about you should surpass every text 
You do not deserve just some random sweet song
But words clash and phrases are too long
The pressure is too high, I want to give in
I don’t know where to end nor how to begin
I know the laws and rules of the greatest poetry
Though I can’t even find words to describe our story
I am completely lost, I don’t know what to do
To extol perfection when perfection is in you
I was lost in despair, a lone wolf wandering
Trying to live by but constantly pondering
I forgot how it felt, the will to live
But you brought it back and made me forgive
Whatever future brings to us we will be prepared 
As long as you’re with me no need to be scared
My life was a big mess which you brought order to
You gave me a reason to be someone new
You gave me a reason to fight until the end
As you are my soul, my love and my best friend