Marvel kotlin sample application using android components architecture in a modular project

Over years Android architecture evolved to support production-quality apps on any scale focused on helping developers to design robust, testable, and maintainable apps. For that Google has promoted in the last years Kotlin as an official Android programming language impulse via a series of community-led events like Kotlin/Everywhere and programmers Udacity courses Kotlin Bootcamp. And it is not for less since the advantages are endless with respect to Java offering modern statically typed programming language that will boost your productivity and increase your developer happiness.

But first of all, if you want to check directly the project before continuing reading…

The hackathon countdown has begun

Discover my hacker experience during the 28 hours of the HackatH2On 2017. Although this event was a few years ago. I would like to share my experience and some details of how was organised this type of event.

The mobile application and electronic circuit controlled by Raspberry Pi

In this article that is focused on the entire public, I will explain experiences, anecdotes about a personal project of how I turned my home into smart and how can I also control the different electronic devices, enter in home by phone with a simple gesture or open the building door using a Siri voice command.

Basically the idea was started with an Arduino kit that I had purchased and I had started to fiddle with the different modules joysticks, relays, motors, displays, etc .. So I decided to turn my home into a smart and control it from the…

En este articulo que esta enfocado a todo el publico, explicare vivencias, experiencias, anécdotas acerca de un proyecto personal de como convertí mi casa en smart y como puedo ademas de controlar los diferentes dispositivos electrónicos, entrar en casa mediante el teléfono con un simple gesto o abrir la puerta de la escalera mediante un comando de voz Siri.

Básicamente la idea comenzó con un kit de Arduino que recién había adquirido y que ya había empezado a trastear con los diferentes módulos joysticks, relés, motores, pantallas led, etc.. Por lo que decidí convertir mi hogar en una smart home…

Madalin Valceleanu

Mobile Software Developer @ Vonage && Open-source contributor

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