The Secrets of Making a Perfect Marketing Video

When it comes to creating the perfect marketing video to boost your online advertising campaign, things can get complicated easily.

When making a video with business goals in mind, you want as many relevant audiences to watch it, but you also want them to take the message home. The trick is to make short, catchy videos with powerful concepts and relatable call-to-action.

Explore more secrets of making a perfect marketing video below.

Focus on your audience insights

The concept of your video is an overarching “Big Idea” that captures audience interest and inspires them to take action.

Before you ever bring up your product or service, you have to get inside the head of your potential audience .Why would your customers need the product you’re selling? Notice these insights aren’t about the product or service you’re offering; they focus on the customer.

Carefully bring your product into the mix

Identify the values of your product or service and demonstrate them by highlighting a positive outcome that your audience will experience if they start using your product.

Explain how your product benefits will address the customer’s need. sIf possible, provide evidence or examples to make the value of your offering even more compelling.

Don’t make an ad — Tell a story

Develop your concept into a relatable story. When you tell stories, people listen. Their brain focuses on what you are saying and they love you for telling something they wanted to hear.

Tell a short and powerful story that is clear and easy to digest.

Don’t waste time

Get to the point. Your viewers have an attention span of less than 8 seconds so that’s the window of opportunity.

Try to fit everything into a 20–30 second video. Anything longer than that and you will have a problem of keeping your audience watching the video.

Make sure your videos are easy to understand. Instead of loading your videos with facts and figures, focus on the important ones only.

Offer a strong call to action

When you add a call-to-action (CTA) to your video, make sure it comes in as a reward for watching the video. Users will click when they feel as if it’s part of watching the video. Make them feel responsible to take an action your desire.

Be sure to understand the kind of emotional response that your video would generate. Consider this response when working the CTA and you will see the click-rate going sky-high.

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