what you really need
Why I love ugly, messy interfaces — and you probably do too
Jonas Downey

What you’d like to use, vs. what you actually require are too different things. I never want to actually LOOK at Photoshop, but I want the tools I need ready, when I need them. I never WANT all of Craigslist, I just want the 3 or 4 categories I actually care about. And to get around that, I manually select what I care about, or search (or did, before they ruined search.) In both cases, the compromise is, they don’t have to think about providing me with what I want when I want it, by just providing everything all the time.

Facebook is a tirefire. So much of that stuff isn’t focused around me, it’s focused around what FB wants. Fine. That’s the big compromise for them.

Making something useful is the first priority, but burying the user under a ton of rubbish they don’t need, or need frequently, can be counter to that.