The rose that grew from concrete

The rose that grew from the concrete felt the most discomfort and excruciating pain, yet it never complained. It just waved with the wind and attempted to assist others in feeling the happiness that it could never feel. It was never perfect, but it was astonishing to witness such an occurrence.

No one understood how exotic and extraordinary this truly was. The brawniness necessary to sprout from such an environment is hushed. Many campaign this rose negatively. They primarily suggest the flaws of the rose. They state how it is not as beautiful as the other roses that grew in rich soil. They only criticize the manner that the rose grew to get there. They fail to mention the fact that it is remarkable and full of hope. This rose sparks interest in others, causing a movement to evolve. This rose is the most incredible of them all. Proving nature’s laws false, it taught itself to adapt. It grew in the harshest of conditions with no sense of support. These sights aren’t so common because not many seeds can visualize the cracks in the sidewalk. They can’t see the light to the way out, so they never attempt to grow. They don’t even realize that they have potential, even in the most deprived ground.

But the rose, the rose that grew from the concrete, stunned us all with its dimmed past that altered into such an inspiration. Maybe one day, other damaged seeds will realize there is a possible way to grow. There is just more determination and effort required to succeed from the beneath the opaque surface.

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