Unicorns are NOT REAL…Hope the “Unicorn” companies are ..!!

There is quite a lot of talk, flutter and buzz around the so the called “Unicorns” of Silicon Valley and “Unicorns” of Tech. Basically the still private, pre-IPO companies that were bootstrapped and “started up” and “magically” (i hope not magically) risen to be valued more than $1 Billion +

Unicorns are mythical, fictitious characters that are NOT REAL! I really really wish and hope these so called “Unicorn Companies” are real.. their valuations…errr.. earnings are real… their future plans… cash flow and customer “rententions” are real..!!

The stories are amazing, the companies are truly amazing and inspiring! From Uber to AirBnb to Snapdeal & Flipkarts to..to..to.. Snapchat ..err ok scratch that last one..!!

Being a novice entrepreneur myself and a seasoned, avid tech geek — Some of the startup companies and the amazing entrepreneurs behind them are a constant source of inspiration.

However, I really don’t understand the idea of comparing them to Unicorns.

Unicorns are not real for Christ sake..! Unicorns are mythical creatures.. they do not exist! Never have! Never will (unless cloning comes in the way..)

I really hope these “Unicorn” startup are not Mythical and they are in fact “Real” and make Real $$ !! and not some hoax...

I am not sure if it is an interesting coincidence or there is something more ulterior going on.. but I somehow see the flutter and buzz around another 1999 sort of dotcom bust gaining in the same pace and fever as the flutter around Unicorn Billion $ valuation companies..!!

The media..marketing guy.. whoever coined this … must have a had a real sense of humor if it indeed it turned out to be “Bubble” of these Unicorn Companies and some of them vanish in the “Mega Bust” of the “Mega Bubble” !!

And I really wish that is not what is happening….I really don’t want a repeat of the dotcom bubble..!!

I was still in school at that time, although I don’t have personal experiences to relate to, I have heard very bad, ugly things about it though…so no ..plz no..plz no..!! :-(